Faking It

As the evenings get lighter and the days get longer I can finally feel Spring in the air! Yayy!! This means warm weather is on the way and its time to start peeling off the layers of clothing. So as more and more of my skin starts to get exposed, I find now is the ideal time to start building up a bit of colour on my super white body!

I like using the bottles of gradual tan as I can apply a little every day, over a few days to build up a gentle tan and have a little glow, until I get to the colour I want. I’m not ready for a full on orange tan yet lol.

My two favourites, which I discovered two years ago are:

Avon Skin So Soft Enhance and Glow

Garnier Summer Body Moisturising Lotion


Avon Enhance and Glow offers 7 sensational benefits in one daily moisturiser

  • Hydrates as it protects with SPF15
  • Keeps skin soft and smooth
  • Provides a natural-looking sunkissed glow
  • Evens out skintone
  • Enhances radiance
  • Firms skin
  • Dramatically improves skin’s appearance

WOW!! With all those benefits I had to try it! Even though its a body moisturiser with a gradual tan, I still prep my body the day before, using a scrub to get rid of any dry, rough skin, then smother my body in a moisturising lotion or body butter. The next day, I have a shower or bath, pat myself dry and apply starting on my legs first. I massage it in lightly, using long even strokes over my legs, body and arms. I do my feet and hands last, using only a tiny blob of lotion because I find it sticks really well to these areas and I hate the patchy look!

Its super easy to use and it really did give my skin a lovely bronze glow. The tan looks natural not at all orange and I’ve had lots of compliments from people, saying I look healthy and where have I been on holiday. This is a huge favourite of mine and its currently back in the Avon brochure with a new look bottle and retailing at £4, bargain! And such a fab product. It does have a slight biscuity smell to it but its not strong or overpowering.



Next up is another winner for me, Garnier Summer Body. It intensely  moisturises and gradually builds a natural looking, light even tan. Unfortunately theres no SPF  in this one so you would have to apply sunscreen to go out and about. This is my second favourite and comes in light and medium, so choose the right one depending on your skin tone. I use the same prep the day before and apply it the same way.

With its apricot extract, it smells lovely and kept my skin feeling hydrated and smooth. I use the light skin one at this time of year and move onto the medium/dark skin bottle usually around June. I love the fresh smell and again, its easy to use.



I apply these before bed and wear my loose fake tan pyjamas, yes I actually have pjs which are just for tan time lol.

I get the best results if I use these products for 2 days  in a row and reapply them every 3-4 days, just to avoid any patchiness. Theres no need to use a tan mitt with these products as you can just wash your hands or wipe using a wet wipe, after using. They also don’t come off on my clothes either, so are all round great products!


Do you use any products like this?

Let me know in the comments below.





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