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Here’s the deal, I’m a Juice Plus Rep! But wait, before you roll your eyes and stop reading, hear me out.

I’d heard of Juice Plus and have been approached by a few people asking me to join the business but always thought, no, its not for me! But only when a lady approached me asking to have her nails done by me, did I stop and listen to what it is all about. Teresa Davies, a lovely lady, started talking to me over nails about her life, lifestyle, business, the usual stuff when doing nails. I’m not telling you everything she said because ‘what goes on in the nail salon, stays in the nail salon ‘. But she had a very interesting story, which certainly intrigued me. She started taking and using Juice Plus products because she wanted to lose weight and be healthy, which lets face it, we all want that! Teresa has worked hard at losing weight and getting a healthy lifestyle and is now positively glowing!



At Juice Plus, I’ve heard lots of peoples stories and journeys to getting healthy and as I’m 50 next year (ouch), I’m quitting smoking and have been wanting to start a more healthy lifestyle. So I thought I would combine the two by joining the business and get healthy too.

By joining, Ive had lots of training and support, from the lovely members in my group, to start helping other people to reach their goals. By goals, I mean, losing weight, gaining weight, eating more healthy food, getting fit and maintaining a healthier lifestyle. No its not a quick fix and its not a diet, you really do have to change your lifestyle in order to achieve great things.

The products we sell, which I call magic beans are capsules, there are 3 different varities:

  • Fruit blend
  • Vegetable blend
  • Berry blend


They contain 30 types of fruit, veg and berries, which when you consider reports say we should be having 10 a day, this is a good way of ensuring we have our daily quota. They are not a supplement nor vitamin pills, they contain natural ingredients only.

The benefits of these magic pills are:

  • Increased energy
  • Improve skin conditions
  • Strengthen hair and nails
  • Improve fatigue
  • Stronger immune system
  • Increased/better recovery
  • Reduces inflammation

You can buy them in 3 separate tubs, either individually or all 3 together. Trust me, they are definitely magic beans and when following our plans, which include all the information you need to live a healthy lifestyle, you will notice a difference in yourself.  It takes time and determination but when you’ve been to see a Harley Street physician, Dr Eccles, the natural skin care doctor, give a talk on these products and who takes them himself, he was full of praise for them, it starts to make you think.


The other products we have are:

  • Shakes
  • Boosters
  • Snack bars
  • Soups
  • Childrens Chewables



All formulated to help with your healthy lifestyle. Who doesn’t want to be healthy these days? There’s far too many diseases, viruses and illnesses about today and I for one would rather try and prevent it rather than finding a cure. Its certainly make me think about what I eat, drink and do with my life.


I can honestly say since Ive joined Juice Plus, I’m really enjoying my new business. At the end of the day, I’m helping people, chatting to people, learning about health, how to motivate people and that feels good in itself!

If you are interested in joining the business, we are recruiting or if you are looking to change your lifestyle, please message me or comment below. It would be a pleasure to help you.




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