Long, Strong and Beautiful



Everyone wants strong, beautiful nails, whether they’re short or long, they must be strong!

Here’s my quick guide on how to achieve strong, natural nails.


First, identify your problem nail.


Dry nails

Problem:  The nail tip often snaps off as the nail is hard and brittle. This is common as we get older and lose flexibility.


Weak fragile nails

Problem:  The nail is soft, bends easily and may peel soft, thin layers or splinter at the tips and sides.


Ridged and cracked nails

Problem:  The nail surface has ridges running down the nail. Cracks can appear on the ridge and the nail surface may start to flake. Age is the most common cause of this.


Discoloured nails

Problem:  The nail is stained, dull or discoloured. Can look yellow and unhealthy.



Problem: Very common among adults and children when under stress. Nail biting and skin biting around the edge of the nail.


Here’s my tips to get the talons you want!



  1. Never file your nails in a see saw motion. File from the side to centre using a crystal or glass nail file, which is more kind to the nail. Emery boards can cause the nail to split.Filing nails into an oval or round shape makes them less likely to snag on anything or break off.
  2. Using a buffing block, lightly buff across the surface of the nails, from side to side. Do not buff too much or use heavy pressure.nail-tips3nail-tips2nail-tips7
  3. Using a cuticle remover, dot a small amount on your cuticle, lightly smooth over the area then gently push the cuticle back using a cuticle pusher or hoof stick. Do not push hard into the cuticle. Ones I can recommend are Leighton Denny, Sally Hansen and Boots No 7.
  4. Next apply a strengthening treatment to your nails. There are lots of formulas and treatments to use which are specifically aimed at protecting and strengthening your nails. A few good ones I have tried are Leighton Denny,  Crocodoil,  OPI, Sally Hansen and Essie.
  5. Once its dry, apply a drop of cuticle oil to each finger and rub around the skin around the nails. Use twice a day to moisturize the cuticles and to keep them looking healthy. Ragged, dry, thick, split cuticles is not a good look!nail-tips8


A list of Do’s and Dont’s for you

Do wear gloves when perfoming household chores.

Do use a base coat before applying nail polish.

Do use cuticle oil and handcream, especially in the winter months.




Don’t use your nails as tools!

Don’t ever peel any form of nail or gel polish off your nails. This can cause damage and thinning of the nails and nail bed.


Finally, patience is required, it takes 3-4 weeks for your nails to grow from the base to the tip, longer in the winter months and as we age. But following these tips every day and week can help improve your nails.


PS:  Ive personally found that having regular manicures with gel polish, every two weeks, has improved my nails and they now grow so fast. But only have gel polish applied and removed by a professional nail technician. I’m lucky being a nail tech, I can do  my own.



I hope these tips have been helpful to you, let me know if you try any of them and how you get on.

Id love to see your before and after pics.








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