Essential Aussie Haircare


At this time of year my hair tends to go a bit wild! The cold weather, the rain, the wind, they all wreak havoc on my hair making it dry, frizzy and strawlike. Don’t even think about stepping outside in the rain, I look like a scarecrow!

But not anymore, thanks to Aussie Miracle Moist shampoo and conditioner!




I crave sleek hair and have regular blow dries to make it behave and because I absolutely hate washing and drying my own hair! Are you with me? So when my hairdresser (who is absolutely amazing),introduced me to these bad boys, I had to try them.

I bought the travel size bottles for £1 each in Boots, just to try them and see if I liked them. They’re for hair that’s dry/ damaged/ a bit unhappy. Well that’s me  especially as I have my hair regularly coloured to hide my greys. The magic ingredient is Australian Macademia  Nut Oil and the shampoo infuses moisture into dry, damaged hair helping to condition and smooth.




The directions are drench your hair with water, massage shampoo deeply into scalp and roots. Take a deep breath and enjoy the delicious smell, rinse out. So that’s exactly what I did! The smell is heavenly, it was an actual treat to wash my hair, something I consider to be a nasty chore.


Next was the Miracle Moist conditioner which again contains the Australian  Macademia Nut Oil. Its supposed to leave your hair soft, smooth and conditioned and once again, I love the smell. It doesn’t smell nutty but quite strong with a hint of shea butter, vanilla and coconut.




I always leave my conditioner on for 10-15 minutes because my hair is thick and my hair immediately felt softer when I rinsed it off. The miracle came for me when I was blowdrying my hair because there were no nasty knots or tangles and so much easier to dry. I don’t use any product on my hair (my hairdresser never does and she knows her stuff). I just roughly dry it and then straighten or curl it. My hair felt soft and sleek, just like hair should with no dryness and no frizz! A true miracle for me! Even going out in the rain and wind, it stayed frizz free and smelled gorgeous until my next wash.


I will be purchasing the large full size bottles of these as they have definitely tamed my mop, I’m seriously impressed.


What shampoo and conditioner do you use?

Have you tried these?











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