Soap and Glory Love



I’m obsessed with body lotions and creams as I like to keep my skin soft and smooth.  I’m always trying new different products and with Soap and Glory, The Righteous Butter, I’ve found a new favourite.




I opened the lid and the first thing I noticed was the gorgeous smell! If a body lotion doesn’t smell great, I don’t use it, end of, and I’m often seen in shops smelling products lol, are you with me on this? Or am I just weird? Its a strong, sweet, white floral smell with a hint of coconut which lasts all day on my body. I’m not a huge fan of the smell of cocoa butter so if you’re the same, this will be perfect for you.




As it’s a butter, I just scoop a small amount out and smooth it all over myself. It’s really creamy on my skin and melts in easily with no greasy after feel and made my skin feel moisturised and hydrated and super soft! It’s great in the winter if you suffer with dry skin. It also leaves a sheen over my skin which I love, so I cant wait to use this in the summer!

The key ingredients in this are shea butter and aloe vera. I’m a huge fan of aloe vera because of its healing properties. My skin can be temperamental because it flares up now and then so products that contain aloe vera get a big thumbs up from me as it helps to soothe my skin.




To be honest, I’ve never tried a Soap and Glory product before because the packaging puts me off! It’s too pink for me and I’m not a pink girly girl at all. I like sleek black and white packaging, mainly because it matches my bathroom haha. But I was lucky to have received this as a gift from my sister.

I really love this product and when its all gone, I will definitely be replacing it. It’s become a firm favourite of mine.

Have you tried any Soap and Glory  products?  What did you think?  Do you have any recommendations of body lotions, creams and butters?

Let me know in the comments box below.






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