Nail Shapes



Manicures are meant to be relaxing but they can make you fraught with the decisions of which nail shape shall I choose?

We all know the dilemma of choosing a nail polish colour, right? So to help me nail which shape is right for you, (get it?), I’ve made my own list of nail shapes for you. So chill out and enjoy that hand massage!


This is a perfect square shape with no soft edges, but beware, because this shape can make your hands look stubby! However, it’s great for short nails or if you work with your hands a lot.




This is a square shape but the edges are a lot softer. It’s easier to maintain on shorter nails and less likely to break at the sides, therefore it’s more durable if you work with your hands a lot.




The round shape is becoming popular again and this is great if you think your fingers are short and stubby. Round and oval nail shapes elongate the fingers and make the hands look more slender.




Almond nails are very common with celebrities (and to be honest, my favourite nail shape for longer nails along with stiletto),. With almond, the nail is slender on the sides, wide on the base and tapering to a peak – just like the almond nut.




Oval  is very similar to almond shape but the tip is softer and blunter.




I LOVE the stiletto nail!! It’s basically almond shape but the tip is much sharper and pointier. It’s best to have nail enhancements for this, such as acrylic nails because natural As I found out when I filed my natural nails into a stiletto shape and the tips of my nails snapped off!! Devastated!! This shape does make your fingers look very slender however but theyre not good for working with.




This is similar to an almond shape too but the tip is square, which resembles the shape of a coffin or ballerina shoe, hence the name. A natural nail can hold this shape but it is best with enhancements. They are less likely to break like the stiletto nail.


If you have short, bitten down nails, some of these shapes won’t work for you, but you can still have fab looking nails!

Just ask your nail technician to follow the shape of your natural nail, whether it’s round or square and follow these tips if you’re trying to grow your nails.


1. Apply cuticle oil twice a day, this really does work!


2 Have regular manicures, inform your nail tech that you’re growing your nails so that they can start gradually filing your nails into the shape that you want.


3 Gel  polish can help grow your nails by adding reinforcement to them so that they don’t break so easily. Just DO NOT peel the gel off yourself, get the gel polish soaked off by a nail tech and get it replaced every two weeks.


I hope you have enjoyed this and let me know which nail shape you have and which one is your favourite.




Nail shape photo and coffin/ballerina nails pic are courtesy of google.


All other pics are my own.




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