Tips and Tricks for Nails


Nails and Things!
Do you ever wonder why some nail polish shades look great on you and others don’t? It all depends on your skin, hair and eye colour.
Here’s a quick guide to shades that will suit you, I’ve made it super easy for you!
First of all, a quick way to check your skin tone is to stand in natural light or near a window and look at your wrist. Skin with pink, blue or red undertones is cool and golden, beige or olive is warm.
Blonde or brunette hair, pale skin, pale eyes.
REDS:  Wine or soft berry reds
BROWNS:  Medium browns and beiges with pink undertones
PINKS:  Most shades of pink will look great on you. Try sheer natural pinks with a shimmer
AVOID:  Orangey reds, hot pinks and yellows
Fair skin with golden undertones, creamy or peach skin with blue or green eyes
REDS:  Corals or orange based reds
BROWNS:  Warm, terracotta or pink based shades
PINKS: Creamy, natural shades with a gold shimmer
AVOID:  Shocking or dark pinks and light purples
Brunettes with dark eyes and pale skin.
REDS:  Any shade of red will suit you
BROWNS:  Pinkish, warm browns
PINKS:  Dusty rose and purplish pinks plus gold toned pinks
AVOID:  Yellows, off white creams  and bright hot pinks
 Natural brunette with golden undertones and dark eyes
REDS:  Orange or brown reds
BROWNS:  Caramel and rich dark chocolate browns
PINKS:  Rich deep dark pinks
AVOID:  Browny pinks, yellows, hot pinks and green or grey
Brunettes with dark eyes and with a deep complexion
REDS:  Dark berry shades and rich deep brown reds
BROWNS:  Chocolate, coffee and mahogany shades
PINKS:  Medium rich pinks
AVOID:  Light cool shades and orange reds
Black or dark brown hair with dark eyes
REDS:  Deep plums, wine reds and blue reds
BROWNS:  Any shade of brown
PINKS:  Purples, plums and soft sheer pinks
AVOID:  Hot bright pinks and opaque whites
Red hair with pale skin and eyes
GREENS:  Forest, apple and pale greens
BLUES/TEALS:  Electric blues, petrol blues and teal colours
BROWNS:  Chocolate browns, bronzes and coppers
AVOID:  Pinks and reds
Of course this is just a guide and if you want to paint your nails in bright colours, then go ahead, theres no nail polish police!!
I hope you’ve enjoyed this guide, its the first of my nail series of tips and tricks. Let me know if it has helped you and show me pics of  what colours you’re wearing on your nails.
If you would like help with your nails and would like me to feature certain tips and tricks, let me know in the comment box below.




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