My Favourite Perfume


I love perfume and wear some every day, I don’t feel complete without it!  I always feel as though my outfit is complete after a spritz of perfume. I like a variety of smells and wear a light fragrance in the summer and heavier ones in the winter. However, this perfume is special because I wear it in all seasons and it is my absolute favourite of all time, Jimmy Choo Flash.


The Jimmy Choo Flash for women symbolizes the strength and beauty of a woman, with a glittering aura of femininity. This fragrance has a modern fruity chypre with rich, warm woody depths.

Top notes are:  Strawberry, tangerine and pink pepper

Middle notes are:  Tuberose, jasmine and white lily

Base notes are:  Heliotrope and blond wood


This perfume is an all rounder because its glamorous to wear in the evening yet light enough to wear during the day. I also love the glittery sparkly packaging (I’m a sucker for a bit of glitter), and the bubbly design of the bottle, it reminds me a glam night out!

Its my favourite perfume ever and one spray is all you need to last all day or all night. I always get compliments when I’m wearing it.

Unfortunately, I believe it has now been discontinued and I cant stress how gutted I am if it has! However, it is still being sold online so all is not lost and maybe Santa will bring me one, after all I have been good!


What’s your favourite perfume?















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