Autumn Lipstick Fetish


Now that Autumn is well under way, I love to wear berry and red colour lipsticks. I wear a lot of nude/pink lipsticks in the summer but the darker colours for Autumn really make me feel as if Ive changed the whole look of my face!



I’m a big fan of Avon lipsticks  because they’ve really upped their game with colours and formula plus they’re reasonably priced too.

My favourite berry lipstick is Avon True Colour Lipstick in Wine with Everything, its the perfect berry tone and matches my skin too. Its £7.50 in the brochure but is currently on offer for £4, bargain! Its a good price for a fashion lipstick.  I have to line my lips with the deep plum liner and then fill in my whole lip with the colour before I apply lipstick, it stops the colour bleeding into the fine lines around my mouth. The liner is also from Avon and is currently £6, it doesn’t drag or dry my lips. Then I apply the lipstick straight from the bullet, I like the intensity of the colour, blot with a tissue and reapply. It has a very smooth application and is a deep colour on the lips. Its rich and hydrating with shea butter and vitamin E so keeps my lips soft, smooth and moisturised. It doesn’t have very good staying power because I had to reapply it after a drink but the colour is gorgeous!



My other favourite fall colour is another Avon lipstick, True Colour Perfect Reds in Red 2000. This is again £7.50 but is on offer at £4. Its a rich, deep, vibrant red colour which looks so glamorous!! This one has an SPF 15, has self renewing colour and is also infused with shea butter and vitamin E. The comfortable formula lasts all day and doesn’t dry out my lips. I also don’t need a lipliner with this and can apply it straight to my lips.


I love wearing these two lipsticks during the day, where I just wear a sweep of mascara and a slight touch of eyeliner but they can also  be glammed up with a little black dress, winged eyeliner and flirty, fluttery lashes for a super vampy, glam evening look!!

What lipsticks and colours do you wear??







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