Leighton Denny Intense Manicure Oil

As soon as I saw this product, I knew I had to have it! As a nail technician, I’m always on the lookout for new products to try and there’s something about cuticle oils that I love.


I love the clean, simple glass design bottle and the smell is like heaven in a bottle! It’s a very clean, fresh smell with a hint of bergamot, which is citrusy and my absolute favourite smell in the whole world. It always reminds me of a spa.

Ok here’s the science bit:

This oil contains these amazing ingredients,

Essential oils:

Lavender –  calming

Chamomile –  restorative

Geranium  –  skin balancing and anti stress

Cedarwood  –  anti-septic

Bergamot  –  calming

Special ingredients:





Palm oil

All of these ingredients combined together are moisturising, strengthening, reduce skin damage, and are smoothing and nurturing.

A perfect combination of  magic ingredients and a lot of thought has been put into this product to make it special for care of the hands, so you wouldn’t need any other product. It’s a miracle in one bottle



As this is an intense treatment, I only need 1 pump into my hand to dot around my cuticles to nourish them. I then rub it in to soften and hydrate them. But for an even more satisfying experience, apply 4 pumps and smoothe over your hands and fingers. Pop on your soft manicure gloves to optimize absorption of the oil and leave overnight. I promise you will wake up with gorgeous hands!

This is extremely nourishing for my old hands and provides a softening effect, plus my hands look and feel smoother with my lines plumped out and gives them a more youthful appearance! What’s not to love  about that?


It has all the magical ingredients that I love and I will continue using this on myself and my clients. In fact, I would use this oil all over my body so I think I will have to purchase another bottle soon!!!

Have you used this oil or do you have any other recommendations?

Let me know!











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