My Skin Care Secrets

I thought I’d share my favourite facial moisturisers with you today. I’ve always looked after my skin ever since my teen years and have used various products over the years, depending on my skin needs. I have used these two products for a couple of years now and keep going back to them because they’re so good and meet my skins requirements. (Being a lady of mature years, I need something that works and these do exactly that).


My skin tends to be on the sensitive side but Boots Time Delay Anti Ageing Mature Skin Repair Day and Night Cream don’t cause me any irritation whatsoever. It’s a cream formulation with a fresh scent which isn’t overpowering. It’s easy to apply using upward strokes and isn’t greasy on my skin, in fact, my foundation glides onto my face after I’ve applied it. As I’m on the mature side with slightly dry skin, this cream is great at softening my fine lines and wrinkles. (Who am I kidding? Fine lines? I have full on wrinkles LOL) But anyway, this helps to give them more of a soft focus effect! It also contains an SPF15 which is great as I feel my face is protected against the sun.




I like to use a matching day and night face cream, so I also use the night cream in this range.  After I’ve cleansed my makeup off at night, (I’m super strict at taking my makeup off at night even after nights out, no matter how much I’ve had to drink!)  I smoothe this cream onto my face using gentle upward strokes. It is slightly heavier than the day cream but feels so luxurious for a night cream.



I love the glass pot with the gold top, it looks expensive even though it’s only  £10 in Boots, sometimes I pick it up for £5 when its on special offers, so it’s not going to break the bank.

I always get compliments on my skin with people saying my skin looks glowy and that I don’t look my age! HA! So I’m sticking with these two products!


What products do you use on your skin?

If you have any recommendations let me know.





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