September Favourites!


At this time of year I find myself looking for my handcreams. As the chillier weather kicks in my hands start to look dry, just like the leaves! Are you all with me on this? Or is it just me who has lizard hands!!



During the winter months, I suffer from dry, red, chapped hands. Not a good look! So here are two of my favourite products.



Now I’m a big fan of Avon products and have bought tons of products over the years. Theyre in the middle price range and have such a large collection of skincare, bodycare, makeup and nail polishes. There really is something for everyone and I love browsing through the brochure with a cup of coffee. I’m lucky that my sister is an Avon Rep so I get to try lots of lovely new products. Some of them are hit and miss but here’s two definitely not to be missed.



If I’m really having a pamper session, I get my hands and feet bowls out and soak them in the Nourishing Nail Spa. I pour a little into the bowls of warm water, you don’t need a lot, and as it hits the water, it turns into a milky bath. The smell is heavenly with the African Shea butter and it good for nails, cuticles, hands and feet. Soak for a few minutes and wipe dry. Its especially good if youre a gel polish fiend like me, especially when youre doing a soak off with acetone because it helps to put the moisture back into your nails because acetone is extremely drying. It really does soothe away the dryness! You can also use this as a cuticle oil, just dot it around your cuticles and rub in. This product is currently available only in the Avon sale brochure at the fantastic price of £1.50, a bargain! Ive bought shedloads of the stuff!




I then smother my hands and feet in Blissfully Nourishing Hand, Elbow and Foot Cream. This product is like a wonder cream for dry areas. Its quite thick but easily absorbed and silky and creamy plus its gorgeous smell leaves your mitts and footsies smelling fab. You can literally feel the product working. Its certainly feels luxurious. I tend to use it before I go to bed with my little white socks and gloves on, sexy huh!! I think it works best as an overnight treatment.



This product is in the monthly Avon brochure priced at £6 but they have special offers on it all the time. Definitely worth picking up.

Its a treat for your feet and in demand for your hands!

What’s your pamper treat for your hands and feet?

Let me know in the comments box below.





  1. I have never heard of most of these products but I will definitely have to give some a try! I am so glad I stumbled across your blog, it is really lovely and I hope you keep up your amazing work! x

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