Why Essie is my favourite nail polish!

IMG_4568[6061]I’ve always loved nail polish, ever since I was a little girl and used to watch my Mum and Nan painting their own nails. Of course, they always had to paint mine too!

So over the years, I’ve tried and tested every single nail polish on the market, from cheap to expensive. I only discovered Essie two years ago when they launched the Greige Collection. This is a collection of grey/nude colours and berry colours, as the name suggests they’re a cross between grey and beige. I loved the colours so much I bought the whole collection! The colours are perfect for that transition from summer to autumn when you’re fed up of brights and are looking for non colours that go with everything. They’re also perfect for after Christmas when you don’t want glitter polishes.


Here’s the collection, they have some fab names too!!


Master Plan


Take it outside




Smokin’ hot


Merino cool


When I applied the polish to my nails I fell in love with them even more. The formula was easy to apply, the brush is not too thick or thin and just the right size for my nails (which are on the large side, I have big nail beds lol). I applied a base coat first (as always) and the consistency of the polish was perfect, I applied two coats and a top coat. You need two coats to see the colour properly otherwise it looks wishy washy!



I then put them to the test and as I was working in retail then, they were really put through the mill, tapping on the till keyboard, displaying products and clothes and general day to day duties. It was a surprise to have my manicure last 5-6 days without chipping! This was amazing because all the other polishes I had tried had chipped within 2-3 days! I was in love!!


The price ranges from £7.50-£11 which is in the mid range price list, sometimes you can pick them up online as a special offer. Its a bargain for me because Ive paid £18 for polish which didn’t last two days without chipping. I was even more hooked!

Ive bought more colours since then and haven’t looked back. The polish range really does have a colour for everyone, you wont be disappointed.

Overall, the colours are fantastic, the price is brilliant, the consistency is great and they just last forever on your nails. That’s why Essie will always be my absolute favourite polish.

Let me know what your favourite polish is in the comment box below, Id love to know.









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