Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you…..Poldark!!


I’m so happy to say my favourite TV series is back on Sunday 4th September! Poldark Season 2!! I loved the first series which aired on BBC 1 in March 2015. It’s the only time I was quiet for a whole hour!


The story so far is, Ross Poldark, played by the gorgeous Aiden Turner, is a soldier who  returns home after a bloody battle in America, only to find that his father is dead, his estate derelict and the girl he loves is engaged to his cousin. Hence the battle begins and within a few hours, Poldark has saved a misguided poacher from transportation, reopened his father’s mine and employed the local peasantry plus bedded and wedded Demelza, his flighty young serving girl!! Fast worker eh!!




This smouldering, package of war hero, alpha male, part metrosexual is a welcome delight on a Sunday night!! Who didn’t swoon at this scene with the scythe?


With the whole story set in picturesque Cornwall with a backdrop of the most gorgeous green meadows, stone built cottages and secluded sandy coves, we saw Poldark galloping dramatically along the stunning clifftops as he fought the daily battles that life brought him.





If you’re searching for a beautiful period drama which takes you on an epic journey of love, loss, heartache and betrayal then look no further. This series has a gentleman, a rebel, romance, history, love, wild landscapes, amazing costumes, beautiful actors and actresses plus an extremely riveting storyline!!


I for one will not be missing the next saga of this drama series based on the Winston Graham books, its devastatingly good!!

And we all need a superhero!!




























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